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Posted Nov 30 2008 12:15pm

Yes, I believe anyone can open themselves up to negative spirits. Possession is not as dramatic as the movies such as the “Exorcist,” portrayed. We ALL experience spirit influence whether it be positive or negative. How we response to it will determine the possibility of possession. The fact is, most possessions are so subtle that it is sometimes difficult to tell if the person suffers from mood swings or an influential spirit.

Working in the field of mental health and drug addiction, I have seen my share of possessed individuals.
But instead of getting all dramatic and self righteous by performing an exorcism I simply educate the individual on how to rid their demons on their own. In MOST cases the individual is able to disarm the demon within once it has been acknowledged. Having others praying for them doesn’t hurt either.

Possession happens more frequently than we might be aware of. Murderers, rapists, ragaholics, Alcohol and drug abusers are the perfect targets for negative spirits. Also, people who are negative all the time are targets because they invite negativity in and when something negative happens, they are the first to admit, “see I told you nothing good ever comes my way.” That attitude and negative thought energy is like an open door to trouble which is why scripture emphatically states to “think on whatsoever is good, kind,”… etc

Some of the tell-tale signs of possession include one or more of these: Hearing voices, Sudden irresistible cravings for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or other mood altering substance, Extreme fears and phobias that are unjustified, sudden changes in behaviors such as rage, depression or thoughts of suicide, having a serious illness of unknown cause, night terrors and nightmares, panic attacks and you will find a demon within a multiple personality disorder.

You can easily protect yourself and your loved ones by praying a shield of protection around them and yourself. Do this daily if possible. I pray every morning and every night and more so when I am at work with many addicts carrying negative baggage.

Example: “Thank you Lord Jesus for sealing me (or Loved one) in your white light of protection and that NO evil can enter in. Thank you that NO weapon formed against me will prosper. Thank you that I am filled with love and that nothing but good will come out of me and nothing but good will come to me.”

May God Protect you always,

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