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Creating The Perfect Environment for Sleep

Posted Jul 11 2010 10:15pm

There’s no place better to start than the bed itself, it’s the place you’ve learnt to dread and have spent countless sleepless nights in. If you have become to associate your bed with negative thoughts, don’t worry as we will be looking more into that later.

Your bed is supposed to be for sex and sleep, it is not for work, watching TV or eating in. If you learn to associate your bed with wakefulness, you will inevitably find it more difficult to fall asleep in. So that is the first tip, which to most is obvious, but we have all been guilty of having a mid-morning snack in bed!

Your bed itself needs to be comfortable, with a supportive and comfortable mattress. Mattresses can be expensive to buy, but an alternative option is to buy a mattress topper, which can be inexpensive. You also need a good pillow that’s right for you, and is both comfortable and supportive of your neck and head. A bad pillow can cause neck and back ache and can sometimes be the cause of a sleepless night.

Sometimes the result of a poor nights sleep is due to backache or neck ache. This might be due to stress, bad posture, lack of fitness or a bad sitting position. In fact it is common for office workers to complain of back and neck ache due to this.

It is always important to be seated correctly on a chair, especially if you are going to be seated for long periods. A lumbar support for the back is helpful, but the general rule is to think tall! Keeping your chin tucked in, this applies when standing too.

A good duvet is also important as you don’t want to be too hot or cold at night. You can buy duvet sets which come in two parts a thinner and a medium duvet. This is ideal as you can use the thinner duvet during the summer and combine the two, during cold winter nights. But, if you have a perfectly fine set and it’s not having a negative affect on your sleep, then you don’t need to. What you want to achieve is a comfortable and peaceful place for you to sleep.

The bedroom itself needs attention, if it’s too noisy, not dark enough or too warm it can adversely affect your sleep. Noise can be a problematic area to try and overcome. If the noise is coming from outside i.e. traffic or from noisy neighbors it may be a good idea to get double-glazing.

If you have a snoring partner, they can seek medical advice or wear a nose strip which increases airflow and generally reduces snoring. A cheaper and effective solution is to wear earplugs, you can buy earplugs online made from putty, they’re great because you can shape them and they are reusable.  Listening to soothing music may also help, as it draws your attention away from background noise. If the cause of the noise is for example a noisy clock, it’s probably best to move it into another room.

It is also important to keep your room tidy and organized a cluttered room, is a cluttered mind. You want to keep your room clean and comfortable, so that it is inviting and calm, not chaotic. Junk can be distracting and can affect your mood negatively. A tidy clean room can help relax and lift your mood.

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