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Coupon For Sleep Sound Audios

Posted Dec 23 2010 5:33am

I haven’t written in here for too long- I got a bit distracted this year by spending 3 months on holiday overseas. I am well and truly back in the saddle now though.
I have started off by reducing the price of the Sleep Sound audios on either CD or mp3.

There is also a coupon that anyone who signs up to my email sleep tips course will have access to. Using the coupon means you can get the 4 Sleep Sound audios and an ebook for only $17.00. This is a bargain! No one else who sells brainwave entrainment audios is selling for anything like these very low prices. I have been told not to sell them so cheaply because it devalues them and makes it harder for others to keep their prices up. I am sorry but I am selling them for a price people can afford. I have had them made for a while now so have covered the initial cost of production. That means I can reduce the price and I hope that you will snap them up before I change my mind!

Please don’t think they are cheap because they are inferior that is not the case at all. In fact they are way better than most because I have taken a lot of time to craft great background music to embed the brainwave entrainment into.

Another bit of news is that there is a new Sleep CD. Actually it is an old one that has been remade. It was so popular a few years ago because it uses not just brainwave entrainment but also self hypnosis. The track takes you on a nature walk and you just will not be able to stay awake when you listen to it! I took it off the market for a while because I wanted to make the CD version. I didn’t mean that to take me more than a year though. So why not check out the previews and see if you think they are something you would like to use. They do work to send people to sleep- I have had loads of feedback on this. Check this out here: Sleep Sound

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