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Can Meditating for a Few Minutes Make Me Go to Sleep Faster?

Posted Sep 09 2009 12:22pm

Meditation is a key element and tool for people who have trouble getting to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night.

In the tough economic times we are currently living in, many of us are suffering from insomnia and anxiety. This leads to us not getting to sleep until the wee hours of the night, waking up several times during the night, or worse yet not sleeping at all. Sometimes we do go to sleep only to be awoken by nightmares or dreams that result in us being in a bad mood the whole next day.

Meditation can help you get to sleep faster and for a longer amount of time. It can also help you reach deeper levels of sleep so that you can get your much needed REM sleep on a nightly basis.

So many people have realized that meditation is an essential sleep aid that many meditation teachers have created guided meditations specifically to improve sleeping patterns and reduce anxiety. Feel free to follow any of the guided meditation videos for better sleep from The Big List of Guided Meditations.

Please give me feedback on your experience since I update the list regularly and enjoy reading the comments!

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