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Can forced (by pain from injury) cause a manic/mania state when after 14+ days I got 4 hours of sleep?

Posted by mommylins

Sleep deprivation over 14 days (because of pain from an injury) with manic behavior after I got my first 4 hours in a row of sleep during this injury period.  Taking Vicodin (20 mg hydrocodone). which makes me energized. Have been diagnosed with SEVERE MYOFASCIAL PAIN SYNDROME FOR 9 YEARS-in chronic pain management for  only 3-4 years) I was unable to sleep, rest, lay down, perform the smallest tasks like throwing things in the garbage (becauseof pain).  Is it a pattern to have 14+ days forced sleep deprivation (not insomnia) and have a small period of mania/manic behavior?   Diana

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