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Can Exercise Help My Sleep And Diet?

Posted May 13 2011 12:30am

Looking for motivation to make better decisions at mealtime can sometimes feel like searching for the quintessential needle in a haystack.   Similarly, many people wish a day could last 32 hours so they could get their recommended 8 hours of sleep per night.   Thankfully, there is one important activity that can help improve both areas at the same time.   That is, exercise.   It takes a little effort, but the quality of life benefits are worth it.  


Exercise helps get your heart rate up, blood flowing, and increases the oxygen circulating throughout the body.   This will help you feel more awake during the day.   Exercise is about strengthening the body so that it can safely react to the ever-increasing stimuli we face daily.   During exercise, muscle fibers are broken down.   At night, those fibers must be repaired and grow. Your body will let you know it i s time to go to sleep, to recover.   Be sure to listen to your body.   You wi ll come back the next day and have another effective workout.


Starting an exercise program is often the scariest part for many and often the furthest laggard of the three mates, including diet and sleep.   For some reason, people hesitate.   People know they have to sleep and have to eat.   Yet, most people do not even do them as well as needed.   Exercise, could help.   It could be the difference between making a healthy decision for lunch or reaching for the first thing you can get your hands on because it i s convenient.   Take a five minute walk.   That i s simple exercise.   It wakes you up. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity per day. If you a re not there yet, slowly work up to this as your goal.


After an intense workout with a personal trainer, your body is craving a good source of lean protein.   Keep this in mind and you are less likely to choose a fat laden, greasy cheese steak and opt for a leaner source of protein.   There is a level of dietary awareness that comes with achieving fitness goals, allowing us to make the right decision for our body.   Plus, burning more calories daily will help you maintain a healthy weight.


Remember, before starting an exercise or nutritional program, speak with your primary care physician first. It may be best to start with your annual physical, so you have baseline for your health, as well as possibly heading off any underlying problems that could derail your progress. Not only will this make sure that any health concerns are acknowledged, but the additional insight will help your personal trainer NYC maximize your time in the gym.

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