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Beauty Sleep

Posted Apr 11 2010 8:32pm

beauty sleep

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Why is it known as beauty sleep? If you have trouble sleeping you already know that this can leave you looking a little ragged.  But the effects of insomnia or too many late nights goes far deeper than that. In fact getting your beauty sleep is more beneficial than the most expensive beauty treatment.

Growth hormone, released during deep sleep, is used to repair cells and to build lean muscle and bone. There is also reduction in the breakdown of proteins during this stage of sleep. A recent study at the University of Chicago has found that a reduction in deep wave, or stage 3 sleep, contributes to increased body fat and reduced lean muscle.

So without enough sleep you will get fat and flabby and the structure of your skin and other organs will deteriorate. In other words, a lack of deep sleep causes premature aging and that is why we call it beauty sleep.

Make sure that you are getting enough beauty sleep every night.

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