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Allergies Causing Sleep Problems?

Posted Oct 20 2010 4:33am

Do you ever have trouble sleeping due to allergies? In the Spring, which is now in the Southern Hemisphere, hay fever can be a reall disturber of sound sleep. For that you can take antihistamines.

But for me the problem is a little more difficult;  I am allergic to my cat’s fur! More precisely cat allergies are actually caused by the protein in the cat’s saliva. His fur is covered with it because cats lick themselves do frequently. The only solution would be to bathe the cat every day and that would get rid of the build up and should make a big difference. But, cats hate to be washed and have a lot of weapons to at hand to let you know how he feels about it. Bathing a cat is not for the feint hearted!

Now you may think the answer to this is perfectly simple; exclude the cat from the bedroom. Easier said than done though if you are a cat lover. I like to have him purring happily on the end of my bed as I go to sleep. It is a very calming sound and I am sure it helps me to drop off to sleep. He has always slept on the bed and so would be very surprised if he found the door shut on him. It is only recently that my allergies have worsened and I haven’t the heart to shut the door on him at this late date.

I think I lost  my immunity because I have been away for 3 months.  I am hoping to get it back eventually. Meanwhile my eyes are red and itchy and I have mascara smudges under them!

I know, you are thinking I deserve everything I get and I suppose that is true but I just can’t do it. Listening to him mewing at the closed door wondering why he isn’t allowed in any more also gives me insomnia!!

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