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A real demonic attack in dreams…

Posted Jul 09 2009 10:44pm

With Written consent from the Author and Demonologist expert, Kenneth Deel, I’d like to share an article he wrote on his blog about spiritual sexual attacks. The original print can be found at:

(common ways a demon can be ‘invited’ into your lives.

People whom are committed by some form with vows to God, through matrimony or even holy orders (Monk, nun or Priest) for example, are likely going to be ‘tested’ this way at some point in their lives.

I can say they find important to ‘distract’ and disrupt families and those in the holy orders. Because as it may result in tearing a family apart and less priest, monks nuns, this in itself is another victory for Satan and his minions to succeed. So it isn’t just about the person alone when it can profoundly affect others. We must remember that “Sex” is so often used as a demonic tool to bring down the greatest of faith in Men and Women.

As most all of the cases of sexual attacks we deal with involve women, I will focus on “incubus” encounters.

Women particularly, might take an interest in Harlequin Novels, and many “Chick flicks’ which stirs the fantasizing about an affair, or Casanova coming to pay a romantic visit. Dr. Ruth I heard saying on Jay Leno one night that it is ‘OK’ to fantasize’, which is totally untrue, even from a purely psychological standpoint.

Always kill the seeds of thought that could lead to sin, don’t give it a moment, a second, put it out of your mind immediately. Don’t kindle it with more. If you find that reading romance novels for example, begins an unhealthy thought of an affair stop reading it, don’t expose yourself to it any longer.

For men, we seem to be more visual, and a direct avoidance of MTV and Porno sites, is a way to divert from stronger temptations. For the Gals, I feel the novels and movies are more cleverly disguised as a “drama’, when they can so much serve to allure to unhealthy fantasies that can be destructive to their marriages.

Often you may dream of an alluring, handsome or beautiful “stranger” in your dream and not know this is step one in a potential Incubus/succubus attack. In the dream *if* you realize you are married for example, and go through with the temptation urges, although you have not committed adultery, it has been entertained through deeper thoughts at this point.

The person will likely also be aware they had this dream, and depending on how they react in remembering, it can dictate how it will progress further.

If they feel guilt, and remorse, “Feel horrible” this is good, if they think about it and it excites them, and they think about it all day for example. This gives way to the next step, a physical encounter. Typically the strange visitor might return in dreams a few times, to further fuel the fantasy, but the next stage will again “test the waters”, they might have the dream again, awake and feel a hand touching their leg.

Note this does not accompany a presence of ‘evil’ or cold, some telltale signs of demons; after all it is trying to play “Casanova” in this scenario so it remains in disguise. Again here this can repeat several times, and over several nights or just weekly. It varies accordingly to the person’s faith, and how the person is becoming “Obsessed” with this Casanova encounter.

The next phase will go a step further, sort of like the young teenager trying to get further with his date each week. Touching the legs may come next or the covers being pulled off slowly.

From there into next phases, the person may not have foolishly be alert enough to take action with prayers for example. Some invite it further. The key is they leave themselves open, and willingly the “free-will” again plays a vital role here. The intention is there in the heart to invite a Casanova, and “be careful what you wish for,” The gentle lover might come calling one night, and at some point it turns to violence and rape, showing their true side.

Interestingly, there are many indications a human spirit, a minion of devils might be the first encounters, and the ‘other’ is the actual demon when it becomes more ‘intimate’.
Regardless we call it “demonic’ since the entities are working with demons and the devil which are essentially evil in nature even if they don’t at first project to be. They are wolves disguised in sheep clothing.

Just as humans, a ‘nice guy’ at the later can turn to a domestic abuse case, the darker side dictates what and who they really are.

On a last note how far this goes depends on the persons faith, it won’t happen in to these stages for everyone, if they dabble in practices that open the doors by other means it will happen much faster. At a (evil) haunted location, faster by default. The demonic presence is already their, where in lesser stages, it has to progress to a manifestation before getting to an actual “physical touch.”

(c) 2009 Kenneth Deel/ Swords of Saint Michael Apostolate

For more information on this Author and his book “The Catholic Demonologist Handbook”
Go to:

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