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6 home remedies for snoring

Posted Mar 14 2009 1:18am


There are many causes for snoring. Go to this link causes and risk factors of snoring to find them. If you snore while sleeping, you may have any of those causes. The first step to treat snoring is to discover its cause. For example, if you are overweight, your snoring can be because of fatty tissues, and might eliminate after shedding off those extra pounds. I recommend you to read the list of " causes of snoring", figure out which ones are true about you, and try to fix them one by one. Fortunately, with a little change in your lifestyle and sleeping habits, you can treat your snoring. Follow the tips below:

1.Lose weight if you are overweight: Fatty tissues and poor muscles contribute to snoring.
2.Quit smoking: Smoking relaxes the muscles and produces nasal and lung congestion.
3.Avoid alcohol and medications like sleeping pills and antihistamines before sleep: They relax your muscles.
4.Avoid diary products before bed: They prevent mucus in your nose-throat region from draining properly, and the airways in your throat will be blocked.
5.Sleep on your side
6.Sleep without a pillow

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