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3 Types of Mattress that Promise to Give a Sound Good Night Sleep

Posted Aug 19 2014 1:08pm

When it comes to purchasing a new mattress, all the varying types that are available to choose from are overwhelming the market. Of course, each company will claim that they will offer you the finest sleeping experience that you have ever gone through. But with such hefty investment and something that will continue for prolonged time frame, you must ensure that the mattress that is purchased is of optimum value. This article however gives a small overview of each mattress available along with the advantages and disadvantages. The initial thing you require to know regarding mattresses is that there are mainly three fundamental mattress types available in the market: innerspring, latex foam and memory, and each type has varying sustaining properties, lifetime, price point, and continuance requirement.


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These kinds of mattresses in Sydney are standard, and mostly used by house owners. The main mattress holding is the metal springs that are enclosed within the mattress. These springs broaden your weight over the surface of the mattress to offer sustenance. There are plethora of variations of spring design and firmness, but they all make use of that same fundamental principal. Such mattress if properly taken care of would last seven to ten years. Such mattresses are an economical alternative. There are many companies that are dealing in such kind of mattresses at the competitive prices. Varying technical innovations are involved to make it more worthwhile. Even memory foam pads are amalgamated to make the mattress more comfortable and durable. However, there are few drawbacks that you must know like they need periodic flipping or rotation and with developing time it may happen that the coils poke out and irritate your skin. Lastly, the mattress may slump in the middle, and it may happen that it starts wearing down with the passing years. So when you find these mattresses for sale make sure they are not extremely old and as it may drop in quality within few days.

Memory Foam

Memory foam has received its name from its competence to get a shape under pressure and then bouncing back to its natural form once the pressure is relieved. The foam transforms in accordance to body heat and if it is taken care of adequately may last for even 20 years. It offers adequate support to body and quite restraint to bed bugs, mould and mildew, mites. While discussing its ‘cons,’ it is highly expensive and radiates heat so that you may feel comfortable while sleeping. Though flexible in nature but it often gives way to spring popping and becomes compressed in sometime. So while accessing such mattress in Sydney make sure it is not light in weight and it does not emit odour as such foam if fresh, is extremely heavy and leaves no smell.  


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Latex Foam

Latex foam core for support is what Latex foam makes use of. Latex foam is designed by whipping the latex with air to generate opening cell foam that is hard-wearing and accommodating. Dunlop and Talalay are the two main types of latex foam. Dunlop is the primitive process and offers a firmer sustenance having ever-increasing rigidity overall. Talalay is the contemporary process, which is somewhat softer, more hard-wearing, has an even uniformity throughout, and is more costly than Dunlop mattresses. This sort of foam is far more durable than memory foam. It has fantastic open cell construction that permits adequate air flow and hence does not emit heat. This sort of foam is mite resistant, and no bed bug can ever access. However, Latex foam mattresses are quite expensive.

However, you must keep everything in mind while buying a mattress for your home and if you are really desirous to buy something unique and innovative, OZ Mattress is there to lend a hand.    

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