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Slatewell holdings ltd by Kyle Pitt Team

Slate Holdings, Inc. is the operating arm of Slate Exploration, LLP and the parent of a group of petroleum industry companies that provide multi-faceted service to the oil patch. Team Members: 4 Team Goals: Stretch
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slatewell holdings ltd. l About slate oilfield services

Posted by eachanziegler

Slate Oilfield Services is the division of Slate Holdings Inc. tasked with providing the nuts and bolts of oil and natural gas production and transportation to our clients. We do the work that keeps oil and natural gas flowing freely from reservoir to market. Some of the myriad of services we provide include:
Workover Rigs
Onshore drilling rigs
Drill Pipe
Flow Control Equipment
Oil and Gas Transportation
We at Slate Oilfield Services understand that in the modern oilfield environment safety, reliability, and a drive to provide the most complete package of services possible is of the utmost importance. We strive everyday to grow our business and to help keep reserves flowing.
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your articles are highly appreciated from me and some people i know, good work.
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