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I'm a BEAST for Pete's sake! Beasts are not dainty. Beasts don't practice "portion control" by measuring proteins with the palms of their hands or God forbid...pull out scales! Folks are amazed at how much I can pack away yet I am super healthy and a size 2. It wasn't always this way.... Full Bio
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Yummy Sin-Free Alfredo Sauce

This is a great sin-free Alfredo sauce recipe. So easy, so yummy, SO not like? I made this last night and tossed it with...

BBQ Shrimp Pizza and Bleu Cheese Cole Slaw

I saw a similar recipe on Robin Miller's show on Food Network. I gave it a tiny makeover last night and proceeded to wolf down this...

Banana Walnut Bread Makeover

It drives me bananas (sorry) when I buy a beautiful bunch of greenish yellowish bananas, and they turn mushy and brown before I get the chance...

Salmon Burgers with Cucumber Dill Sauce..Simple Summer Supper

THE SALMON BURGER... (and the sauce) I just finished gobbling this surprising little gem. It's super flavor-filled, and doesn't have that creepy...

Cranberry Almond Oat Bran quick, so easy, so yummy!

I don't know what got into me this morning! I woke up (before my alarm) at 6:30 am with a hankering for muffins...warm, homey, healthy...

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