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Yummy Raw Food Snacks & I’m Off To Tony Robbins!

Posted Mar 03 2011 1:52am

Tomorrow I jump on a plane to Sydney to get a big kick up the butt from Tony Robbins. For years I’ve listened to friends rave about how Mr Robbins changed their life, but I always felt like I wouldn’t resonate with him so I never attended his events. But as it so happens, on my return from the US late last year I was so expanded and saying “YES!” to everything… that here I am a few months later about to board a plane to Unleash The Power Within. And perhaps walk on some hot coals and do a bit of jumping around and getting motivated and stuff.

Today I took a trip to the health food store to stock up on snacks. I’m a super fast oxidizer so I need regular meals. I’m also premenstrual at the moment, and for some reason that always means I have this unstoppable hunger. But unfortunately (or maybe fortunately in the end!?) I was in the health store while I was hungry so I sure did stock up big time on the snacks. The biggest problem is going to be trying to somehow pack the food in my hand luggage. I guess food may have more of a priority than clothing this time!!!

Here is a grand display of my store snacky purchases:

Lots of packaged and dehydrated stuff I know. I’m going to have to team these items up with some fresh avocado, plenty of veggies and maybe a few green apples.

The highlight of today’s purchases were a couple of packs of Tropical Thai Cashews from Samudra. I first discovered Samudra’s amazingly line of raw products at the recent David Wolfe events in Brisbane. Samudra is this super cool retreat centre in Western Australia. It’s one of those raw food, organic, surfing kind of beautiful amazing places to hang out. If you’re over that way I highly recommend you check them out, here is their website .

Yes I bought two, they are small packs and I love them that much!!!

Anyway, back to Samudra’s delicious live food, I was ecstatic when I found their range of raw snacks in one of my local health food stores today. The Samudra team was kind enough to give me a sample pack of all of their products at the event, which got me addicted straight away. Their cashews are definitely my favorite, especially since I’m trying to slow down on the sugars this year (not that you can really tell from the photo of my snack stash!!). But all of their products are awesome. I’ve tried a lot of raw foods all over the world, especially in North America and as far as dehydrated snack food goes, this is by far way better than anything I’ve tasted over in the US. And I’m honestly not being biased they truly are amazing products. So lucky you if you live in Oz and can get your hands on these yummy snacks. Or if you’re overseas, you can always buy online from their website.

Hopefully my snack stash will keep me going strong throughout my time with Tony Robbins. Although I’m hoping I’ll be too hyped up to notice any hunger :) Wish me luck!

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