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would early scar treatment intervention such as laser be more benificial or would you have to wait untill the scar is completely

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i was involved in a MVA on halloween 09, so about 3 months ago and received extensive facial trauma. i shattered my maxilla, in the alveolar process area and fractured my mandible in several places. because of these injuries i also lost a piece of my lower lip and all the wounds suffered around my mouth were punchured all the way through. so the scars left around my mouth and lips are ones that are visible on the inside of my mouth and of course outside. i've have been working with an oral maxillofacial surgeon and he has already injected my scars with steroids because they were showing early tendencies to become hypertrophic scars. but i was wondering if i need to wait until my scars are completely healed before i can start more aggressive treatments such as laser. because the scars are on my face and prominent i would be getting laser done either way but i dont know if it would be ok to start laser treatments this early, however would the treatment not be more responsive now, in the early stages while they're still healing, then to proceed later after the body has stopped trying to form new tissues in the area?

sorry for the novel. if you have any further questions with regards to the scars or as matter of fact anything to do with the accident feel free to ask. i myself am a sursing student and the more you learn the better.

thank you for your time,


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