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Women and Vaginal Skin Tags

Posted Feb 29 2012 1:51pm


When women suddenly discover skin tags in their vaginal area, they become embarrassed and worried. Fortunately, they are not usually a cause for concern and seldom come with symptoms. These vaginal skin tags consist of bits of skin that project from the surrounding skin and sometimes can be a bit of nuisance if they are repeatedly irritated from sexual intercourse, from sanitary napkins, tampons or the rubbing or chaffing of underwear when they could start to bleed.

They can bleed when injured because skin tags have their own blood supply. Those in the vaginal area are also more vulnerable during menstruation because they start to swell during this time before returning to their normal size at the end of a woman’s period.

So why do vaginal skin tags occur in the first place?

They often appear shortly after a woman has given birth and this is due to the skin of the vagina having been stretched during labor plus the added factor of hormonal imbalance during the pregnancy itself. Another cause could be the rubbing together of the folds of skin in the labia.

Understandably, these skin tags just inside the vagina can cause embarrassment to the woman concerned – she may fear that her sexual partner will mistake them for genital warts or some other sexually transmitted disease. It is for this reason that many women will want to have their vaginal skin tags removed as quickly as possible and the easiest time to remove them is when they are small.

There are several suitable methods available for vaginal skin tag removal

Cryotherapy when your doctor freezes off the skin tag using liquid nitrogen.

Surgical excision when the skin tag is cut off under surgical conditions with a local anesthetic to dull the pain. If vaginal skin tags are extensive, the surgery may have to be performed in an operating room under general anesthesia. There may be some post-operative pain.

Electrocautery when a large skin tag is cut off and the skin electrically burned to close the wound.

Legation when thread is wrapped around the base of the skin tag cutting off the blood supply. The tag will eventually be shed with the minimum of pain and damage to the skin.

Laser treatment which can be used on vaginal skin tags successfully.

Easiest and safest to use is a natural remedy from Healing Natural Oils known as H-Skin Tags. This is specially formulated from pure essential oils for a gentle, painless removal process.

It is safer to avoid using over-the-counter medications for the removal of any vaginal skin tags, as well as other skin tags in the groin area, as these products are too harsh for the sensitive genital area.




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