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With sun poisoning, how long do the symptoms nausea and low-grade fever last?

Posted by fieryfox24

I got sun poisoning seven days ago. Symptoms: red to purple and very hot skin, swelling around the ankles, knees and armpits, blisters on the chest and stomach, fever, nausea and a general feeling of malaise. MOST of the blisters are gone except a very small area on my chest, most of burned area is light pink now except a couple of small areas BUT I still have a low-grade fever (99.1 - 100 F), nausea and tiredness.
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Sun poisoning is more severe than ordinary sunburn. Severe sunburns are usually accompanied by small blisters as well as itching, redness and skin peeling. You may also experience fever, headache, dizziness, nausea and dehydration. If the case is very severe, immediately seek medical attention. You may need oral steroid therapy for a few days. You may also be given a stronger pain reliever depending on the severity or be hooked up to an IV to speed up your hydration.
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