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Wild Earth Nepal

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:02pm

Why buy some boring, drying, chemically laced soap from the supermarket when you can experience the world's first all natural soap made from Tibetan Yak's milk? Well that's my line of thinking anyway, as I'm always willing to try out something new as long as its not harmful to me.

Wild Earth Nepal is a small producer of fine handcrafted Himalayan herbal products: herbal soaps, pillows, essential and massage oils, smudge sticks, amulets and sachets, founded by Caroll Dunham. Located in Kathmandu, Nepal, they contribute to women's and rural economic development in Nepal through the wholesale export of herbal products.

I have a strong connection to this part of the world as a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, and am very happy to say that Wild Earth Nepal products are available here in the UK, throughSamye LingTibetan Centre in Scotland.

The Yak Milk Vanilla Soap (£4.50 100g) is Wild Earth's richest soap, sweet smelling with a luxurious lather and extremely skin softening.

If Yak Milk isn't exotic enough for your taste, then you can also try theMongolian Mare's Milk & Rose Soap(£5.50 100g). They say Cleopatra bathed in Ass's milk and rose petals, so Wild Earth created this luxurious soap made from horse milk. Horses outnumber humans 8 to 1 in the Mongolian wilderness, hard to imagine living as we do here in Britain, and mare's milk is rich and thick containing 14 times more vitamin C than cow's milk.

Wild Earth Tibetan Hot Springs Spikenard Shampoo & Body Bar (£3.50 100g) is all natural and crafted from the Tibetan herb Pangbu (Indian Spikenard) known for its ability to calm the nerves, soothe irritated skin and as a hair tonic. Tibetans ritually burn spikenard as an offering to earth deities and Mary was said to have annointed Jesus with it just before the last supper.

A variety of Wild Earth products are available through theSamye Ling Shop. Each bar of Wild Earth soap is hand-crafted, all natural and cold-pressed for purity.

Images courtesy ofWild Earth Nepal.
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