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Why It’s A Really Good Idea To Release Stored Up Emotions

Posted Sep 05 2012 9:22am

I used to be one of those highly emotionally kids – big highs and big lows. My mother even asked our family naturopath when I was 12 or so what she could do about it (funny!!) and she was told that I was just made like that. But the naturopath was wrong. Sure I was a little too moody back then but that was because I was never “allowed” to let out any strong emotions! I had to swallow them all down which just stored them in my physical and energetic body. No wonder I was so emotional with all of those stored up emotions stuck in there.

When I grew up and started to explore my spiritual self in my early twenties, I realised that not only was it okay to release all types of emotions (positive and negative!!!), but it was also actually a really good idea. It took me a few years to figure out how to do it and to retrain myself, but once I got it I stopped being so emotional and moody. It was as simple as that huh. More in the video…

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