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why is my skin red raw all around my veinous ulcer on shin

Posted by gary j.

  my skin is red raw all around my 30mm round ulcer the red skin is about2/3 inches wide all around ulcer, my doctor says it isnt infected,i have had this ulcer for 5 years now and nothing seems to touch it, i am also allergic to the glue in plasters because every time i try and dress it the skin seems to get worse, it is now starting to effect me mentally and we are 7 weeks preg with our first child ,i am worried that i may have this wound for ever and my poor girlfreind will suffer cos of my suffering, i also have to stand up in work motionless for 8 hours a day, this prob doesnt help, my leg feels very itchy flaky and red.

 can any body who has experienced this kind of thing please help me.   god bless

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