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Why I Decided To Grow My Underarm Hair… For A Bit

Posted Mar 29 2010 5:37am

In this video I do reveal way more of myself than I’d usually like in my blog! Although sadly the resolution on the camera doesn’t pick up a lot of detail, so my fluffy little underarm hairs don’t show up on the camera as well as I imagined they would. Check it out-

As for the question, when did women start removing their “objectionable hair”, the answer seems to be a little hazy. Hair removal for both men and women seems to stretch as far back as into ancient times, although the hair that was removed wasn’t always in the usual places (eyebrows and scalp for women for example).

For modern women, from the research that I’ve come across, it seems quite evident that women didn’t really care about their body hair when they had to hide most of their body. It wasn’t until we started wearing sleeveless dresses in the early 1920’s that we decided we preferred the hairless look. This to me indicates that we shaved our underarm hairs originally for aesthetics and not to reduce the smell. Interesting.

As for legs, stereotypically we didn’t particularly care until skirts started to get really short and stockings really sheer sometime in the 1940’s. So there you have it, it really hasn’t been that long since it’s become the standard for us to shave as much body hair as we can.

Either way, I’m glad I’ve done my little experiment and felt the liberating feeling of just letting my body be as natural as it possibly could be.

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