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Why Dr D Stopped Doing Smart Lipo

Posted Dec 17 2010 10:30am

We have discussed liposuction and the multitude of gimmicks that have been applied to it before. Over the years, I have used a fair number of liposuction modifications to see if the results were worth the expense.

In 2008, I performed over a hundred Smart Lipo procedures while contracted to a marketing company. While I do not think Smart Lipo is any worse than tumescent liposuction, I did not find it to be any better. I am able to get the same results with the modified tumescent liposuction set up that I have been using for years. The “Skin Tightening” aspect of the Smart Lipo system was vastly overstated by the product representatives by my evaluation anyway.

Smart Lipo and some of the other liposuction modifications are in my opinion more marketing gimmicks than ground shattering technological advances. If you want to spend your money on them, that is fine. Your ultimate results however are more a function of your surgeon’s skill and the problem for which you seek surgery than the technology that may have attracted you.

That is Dr D’s truth.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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