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Where i have had a couple of spots on my face the skin has peeled off and is red and raw and is spreading. what is this??

Posted by ymi1234

i have put antiseptic cream on it to try and stop it spreading but i dont know how effective this will be.. seems to be spreading. two main areas one on chin and one on side of face. i dont have skin problems normally, hardly any spots.. have no idea what this is and am really worried.
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I am going through the same thing! I have had this rash on my face for about 8 months now. It started off on the side of my mouth and the derma gave me Elidel and told me it was eczema. This medication did not work and now it has spread all over my face, behind my ears, and my underarms. When I apply moisturizer it feels like my face is burning and feels tight in those areas. You may also have eczema but its best to go to a derma to get the correct diagnosis. I didn't like the derma that I went to, she just looked at my face without even touching my face and said I had eczema. I am in the process of finding another derma to find out why it's spreading and what I am doing wrong. I hope this information was helpful to you...
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