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What Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

Posted Jun 23 2008 8:05pm

One of the biggest indicators of good (or bad) health may be literally right in front of you all day.  According to toThe Prescription for Nutritional Healing, the nails can indicate a slew of health conditions:

  • Ahangnailmay be indicative of a lack of protein, folic acid, or vitamin C.
  • Awhite bandon the nail may indicate a lack of protein.
  • Fragile or ridged nailsindicates a lack of B vitamins.
  • Dryness, curved or darkened ends of nailsindicates a lack specifically of vitamin B12.
  • “Spoon” (concave)nails and vertical ridges indicate an iron deficiency.
  • White spotsindicate a zinc deficiency.

So always remember to check your nails if you suspect a possible vitamin or protein deficiency! :-)

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