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What You Need To Know About Treating Acne With The Contraceptive Pill

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:19pm

birth control pill The contraceptive pill would have to be one of the most common prescribed medications for acne in women. I know of quite a few cases where young girls have been prescribed the pill even before they’re sexually active, just to clear their skin.

I’m in two minds about using the pill as a treatment option. I know from personal experience that the pill can have a lot of nasty side effects, and it can in some cases make it a little more difficult to conceive a child later on in life. I also think the pill is over prescribed, especially for non-cystic acne which can quite easily be treated without the use of medications.

However, if the acne is very severe and cystic, I realize that the frustration and depression of the condition can make the pill a desirable option. And perhaps in the short term it’s okay. It certainly helped me twice in my life when I did take it for short periods. BUT, you must keep in mind that it’s very, very important to treat your acne holistically even if you’re taking the pill. Because you don’t want the condition to come back after you stop taking it. And you definitely don’t want to take the pill over many years for all the reasons I listed above and in this video-

As with antibiotics, taking the pill can make an overgrowth of Candida worse which in turn can make acne worse, or can make acne easily aggravated by simple foods such as natural sugars. So that’s something to keep in mind. I know for a fact that I still have a Candida problem from a history of antibiotic and contraceptive pill use, and a diet high in sugars and carbs.

For me getting off the pill was the best thing I ever did - and that goes for both times I was on it. The symptoms I experience are always way worse than the actual acne. The depression, brain fog and severe insomnia were definitely the worst symptoms last time, and enough to make me never, ever want to go on it again.

ladycomp And if you’re worried about actual contraception and preventing babies, then there are other things you can do. There’s a little device that I’ll be purchasing soon which takes either a reading of your temperature or a urine test each morning. The device then tells you if you’re fertile or not that day, and therefore if it’s safe or not to have sex. Yes this means there will be days where you can’t “go all the way” but quite frankly it’s better than putting unnatural hormones into your body.

As always, if you have any questions please let me know. As I said, I have done this treatment option twice so I know a bit about it. And if you’ve had a different experience to me, write a comment and let everybody know about it :)

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