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What would cause itching with no rash?

Posted by fungrl

I have itching with no rash which gets worse at night.  It is mainly on my chest & lower arms bilaterally but at times in other places.  This has been occuring for about the past month.  I am a 44 y/o female with hypothyroidism but no other known health issues.  Recent bloodwork reveals normal thyroid results.
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For one and a half years, I itched on different spots of my body many times a day, very rarely with hives or rashes. The itch would sometimes, not often, wake me up in my sleep. I would scratch and feel better but the itchy spots would recur after hours. They eventually disappeared, only to have new itchy spots appear. Only the soles of my feet, palm of my hands, fingers and ears were spared. Even my head, eyebrows and eyelids itched. The worst itching was around the genitals. I have a history of itchy reactions to detergents and some bath soaps. I could live with the new problem however and did not consult a doctor after reading Web sites telling me how chronic the condition is. I simply tried home remedies, new lotions, soaps etc. I thought that a popular brand of bath soap with aloe vera would help, but was disappointed. Last month, I found a Canadian olive oil soap enriched with aloe vera at the mall and bought it. On the first week of use, I would keep the lather on for five minutes before rinsing. When no improvement occurred, I stopped doing this but continued using the soap. In the middle of the second week, I was pleasantly surprised to note that the itchy spots were decreasing along with the intensity of the itch. Now on the third week, they are down from 60 to 80 percent. There's still itching on my rotator cuffs, waistline and around the genitals, but much reduced from before. I'm not a doctor or a scientist, so I'm not sure if I can really attribute this relief to the soap. It's not really expensive and you may want to try it. The soap is Neolia brand, the one with a green packaging.
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