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what would cause a rash

Posted by Twyla G. Facebook

my 11 year old son has a cluster of red raised bumps on his chest, a few on his elbow and back. he is not feeling ill and is not running a fever. he said the rash on his chest is starting to itch a little, but not at all on his elbow and back...this has me very concerned.  thank you for your help
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Just about anything can cause a rash. It could be from a food allergy, an allergic reaction to a plant or metal, clothing fabric, some skin condition, or something he may have touched outside that somehow also got on his chest. Rashes are really tricky to diagnose because of the different agents that can cause them. Your best bet would be to talk to a dermatoligist, and make sure the rash isn't from some sickness/infection and try to bring as many details surrounding it. For example when the rash developed, where it started/if it has spread, and any outside factors that you may have noticed (like playing in the grass at the park). Good luck!
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