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what is tiny red itchy pus filled bumps? i have these now at the same time as boils breaking out all over different parts of my

Posted by joyb

Has been going on for months (the boils), felt really "run down" for awhile, but don't now, have a LOT of very bad stress in my life due to family problems and family health issues, have to do home improvements on old houses for a living, live in an old (but clean) house, live in a wooded area in Texas, spend a lot of time outdoors doing yardwork (wear sunscreen mostly), otherwise 54 year old woman taking HRT for menopause (with really no problems), healthy, fit, don't drink or take drugs, work very hard, try to take care of myself mentally and physically.  Have "scratching" issues from childhood.  Need to get this "infection" out of my body, if that is it causing these skin issues?  Thanks!
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