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What is the cause of the dry, itchy, white skin around my anus?

Posted by ojchameleon

I have itchy, dry, white skin around my anus and all the way down to just below my scrotum. the condition narrows between the anus and the scrotum, but is wider spread above the anus and between the buttocks.  I've tried using jock itch cream (terbanafine hydrochloride cream), but it hasn't worked.  Could this be a yeast infection?  The affected skin isn't red, although it can get red when I scratch it a lot.  In the morning, it is at its driest and whitest.  Also, when I apply the jock itch cream, the skin doesn't stay white; i.e., it's almost like dry skin.  However, there is one particualr area above my anus and between my buttocks where the skin is particularly dry and scaly.  This part itches the worst.  Any advice?  Any over the counter medication that I could take or apply?  Any help would be appreciated.
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