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What is the black spot in my ear?

Posted by Eepeng

Someone told me a few days ago that I had a black spot in my ear, I thought nothing of it until my sister took a photo of it using my camera on macro-mode, I saw the black spot, it looked quite scary. 

 It is located just inside my ear, you can see it from standing just next to me, it appears to have a dark black centre, and it's surrounded by a white-ish circle, I'm not sure what it is but I'm unsure whether or not I should go see a doctor. 

One of my friends suggested I just have someone scrape it out or poke it with a needle of some sort, I'm not sure what to do, but when I poke it with my finger, it hurts, and it feels solid.

Could someone please advise me as to what it is, or how I should go about dealing with it? 

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it might benoithing, but you can't be too careful. Bring it up next time yiou to to the doctor ok?

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