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What Is Rose Hip Oil & TamuSkin Good For? & Hola From Peru!!

Posted Aug 15 2011 1:45pm

I’ve had some requests to talk a little about two products that turned up in the High on Health store a short while ago. They’re TamuSkin and Rose Hip oil – two beautiful raw, healing ingredients that are wonderful additions to your skin care.

But first, here is a very short video I created from Peru to say hello to you all. They have to be very short while I’m here in Peru because the download speed is so terrible!

Rose hip oil is extracted from the “hip” or fruit of the rose. It became popular in the 1980’s when Italian surgeons used it to help heal scars. I just love it when medical doctors turn to herbal treatments like this! Yay for Italian surgeons!!!

You’ll now find rose hip oil in many natural skin care products all over the world. It’s well know for its healing powers for scarring and regeneration of tired and damaged skin. It’s also non-comedogenic which is great news for those of us who are worried about getting a breakout from using a new oil.

To use rose hip oil, simply massage a few drops into acne scars or damaged areas. You can also add it to a carrier oil to make a beautiful cleanser. A mix of 50% rosehip oil and 50% jojoba oil is an amazing facial cleanser that works beautifully when massaged into the skin. If you do end up using it as a cleanser, try not to scrub all of the oil off after you’ve finished massaging it in. I’ve been using oils as a cleanser for a few months now and I find that my skin is always better when I just lightly rinse it off. This is enough to remove all dirt and toxins but also keeps my skin nicely hydrated. This can take a few weeks to get used to AND in the beginning it’s very possible to experience a purging period, but once your skin balances out the results are worth it.

There are mixed reviews with TamuSkin – it seems to work like a miracle or not at all. In my personal opinion this oil is best used on more mature and dry skin types.

TamuSkin comes from Vanuatu and Tahiti and has traditionally been used for centuries as a “miracle oil”. It’s one of those raw ingredients that has a history of having healing benefits used on many different skin ailments, especially in the regeneration of damaged skin. This means TamuSkin is great to use on scars.

To use this oil, I’d mix it in with a base oil such as jojoba. For every 10 ml of carrier oil add in 10 drops of TamuSkin. You can also add in some essential oils to make it an even more powerfully healing mix. You can then choose to use this oil mix as an all over skin treatment or a spot treatment on scars.

TamuSkin can also be used to help heal active acne but in my opinion there are many other spot treatments that work better. This oil seems to work its “miracle” component more on scarring and acne scarring.

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