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what is causing my son's skin rash?

Posted by dbreen

I am trying to figure out what is causing my son's skin rash.  It started on his right forearm as a few bumps.  The next the bumps swellwed together making a half moon shape.  5 days later he had a bunch of bumps on his stomach that looked like bug bites.  Then the next day they all swelled together and created a half moon (circle) shape too.  He also started a non-bumpy rash all over his shoulders, back, chest & face.  I took him to the doctor's and they said that these two rashes were completed unrelated.   The one that came later on his shoulders & face they said was fifth disease (which has been going around his school) but the "bad" one on his stomach & forearms they didn't seem to really know what it was.  They told me to just give him allergy med, oatmeal baths & put calamine lotion on it for comfort and that he probably just touched something that he is allergic to.  Doesn't sound right to me since the rash has such a distinct shape all over.  Please help!
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