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What is a red pimple like rash on upper arms and thighs flares up periodically

Posted by Donna

I have a red pimple like rash on upper arms mainly sometimes on upper thighs but flares up periodically ....normally when my skin is exposed to the air. What creams or treatment do you suggested as I have tried almost everything ...even a skin specialist who didn't help at all.


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A couple of weeks ago, after a spa weekend, I came home to find red pimply rash on my arms, and eventually my legs.  After a week of over the counter ointments et al, including lots of various aveeno products and benedryl, I finally went to my doctor.  As I had thought, it was an allergic reaction... she called it contact dermatitis.  I still have it to a certain degree, but it is going down.  I was given a strong hydracortisone cream prescription.  I took double doses of claritin during the day, benedryl at night, only use cetaphil lotion and soap, and washed all my laundry in ivory soap for babies.  Don't use aveeno in any of its forms... that aggravates it.  And don't forget to cut off your nails to stubs.
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