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What does a lump above your ankle mean?

Posted by trs2675

I have a kind a lump/mass 2 inches above my left ankle. It has been there for several years. It doesn't hurt at all. I noticed today that it looks slightly bigger.

About 8 years ago I fell into some steps. Me knee was the point of impact. It felt like I chipped a part of the bone on my knee. It was rigid and really hurt. Well I could feel something sharp right after felt like it moved down about an inch and a half and over about the same distance. That spot at times feels numb feeling...over the years. I am pretty certain it may have been a fragment of the bone that had chipped off during my fall on the steps. Within a few weeks after the fall I found a slightly bumpy spot right above my left ankle. It is on the left side approximately 2 inches above the outside of the ankle. It has stayed there for years. Me legs and feet swell everytime I eat anything salty. Well...I have been dieting for a few weeks now and the swelling is way down. I don't know if that is the reason the lump looks larger or maybe it has just gotten a little bigger. The lump does not hurt at all. I'm not sure if this is something that happened due to the inital fall or if the timing was just a coincidence. It really doesn't feel like it has defined borders. It almost feels like a mass. Possible fatty tissue.

Any thoughts on what it might be?

 Thanks for your time:-)

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i dont know when this was posted and i also never do posts, SEEING YOUR POST I FEEL I MUST! my 30 yr old sister had a lump in  her leg, she ignored it, had it checked when it got large, no biggee doc said , 6 months later she was in with oncologist,6 mos. later lung surgery due to spreading , stage 4 sarcoma. she is currently in chemo trying to defy doctors. if anyone can its her! please get any lumps and bumps checked out! i never would have thought cancer could be a lump or bump on skin other than skin cancer. i hope it does not scare you but enough to get  checked and find out your lump is harmless! this is a very long complicated story  i made brief, but the moral is short and simple. god bless.
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