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What could be causing these skin rashes on my legs, numbness in my feet, and itching?

Posted by sarahjean13

A few weeks ago i had red spots on my leg that was itching really bad and it kind of looked like a ringworm. But then it got bigger and wasnt shaped like a ringworm then i got more on both of my legs. And now they are just white spots and some of my toes went numb and have been itching real bad.. And we talked to a doctor that we know and he said i need to go see a neurologist.. If you have any ideas on what it might be i would really appreciate it cuz this has really got me scared...
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Are they below your knees on the front (shin) of your legs?  In that case, it could be dermatitis herpetiformis.  A dermatologist can biopsy for that (if you find one who knows much about it, look for one who has seen it a few times before).  It is associated with celiac disease, which can also cause numbness, either through vitamin deficiencies (usually D) or through celiac peripherial neuropathy.  If a deficiency, then it can be addressed through diet and vitamin intake.  I happened to have the deficiency, the numbness and the rash at the same time, I think the lack of calcium absorption made my skin more prone to the inflammation.
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