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What causes swelling of fingers and ears in cold weather?

Posted by amenah a.

when its cold outside, my fingers and ears swell up and get really itchy. even just holding a cold can will cause my fingers to swell. This started happening a few years ago and i don't know why.
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I started to get that too when I was 22, I was diagnosed with cold urticaria. Which means I am literally allergic to the cold. It has gotten worse for me unfortunately and the only thing I can do is stay out of the cold. I will get massive whelps where ever cold air touches, even if its just air-conditioned rooms. Doctors don't know why it happens, and it is random.
I think I have the same problem. My hands and fingers swell up and turn bright red .Sometimes it hurts. It seems as is if it is getting worse. It happens everytime I touch something cold.Do you think I have the same problem???
I have the same problem too.  I don't get red, itchy, or swollen in cold air but my fingers get that way when I hold something cold.  It started about a month ago. What's wrong with me??

there can be one of the 3 or 4 things

1. urticaria or called as cold hives

2. arthritis

3. less hydrated skin

4. normal cold allergy

Check the systems of all n choose your disease


i have same problem too. i feel it is related to lymphatic system. dip your fingers in lukewarm water for 10 sec take out for 5 seconds and do it repeatedly. may 5 minute at a go.

Exercise by pressing  a soft ball in hand if fingers are not that much swoolen yet. it helps..God bless everyone!

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