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what causes extremely itchy skin that swells and hurts it causes sores that have a clear fluid and spreads like crazy..

Posted by southernsweetie72

  The itching is so severe that I would itch for hours on end. It would always in on   the back of my knee then it went below and was on my inner thigh and there was/is one that is so hard that it will have to be cut out... It has spread to my stomach, my breast, my rear end everywhere The itching then causes sores that start to bleed and was it gets a scab it has a red ring around it and when it starts to itch the only way to get the itching to stop is too get the scab off  and it hurts like crazy....NOw 2 of my children have it and I am concerned. Can you please tell me what it could be...My Dr. cultured it because he thought it was a Staph Infection but that's not it....Now I hav to go to a Derm



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