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what can cause a red v shaped rash that comes and goes on chest....sometimes a little itchy..can hormones or stress cause this?

Posted by pj

I have a red v shaped rash...raised like a few spotted pimples, on my chest and a few on my upper arms...a little itchy at times...No other symptoms...I 've had this before several months ago...I am 55 yrs old, have an estrogen ring. was wondering if this was hormone or stress related or should I be concerned about other symptom of lupus.
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I have the red V shaped rash too but mine has no spotted pimples and I have nothing on my upper arms.  Mine too, is a little itchy but it also stings. It almost feels like a sunburn.  Mine is caused by Lupus.  When the V appears I know that a flare-up is coming.  I take Prednisone for the red V and that helps.  I would suggest that you have the blood test to rule out Lupus.  Good Luck!
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