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what are these small, extreamly itchy, skin colored bumps all over my skin?

Posted by xjen3

i am extreamly itchy. its all over my body, but it itches mostly in one or two spots at a time and i itch it until it hurts to itch anymore. when i itch in those certain spots, little barely noticealbe skin colored bumps appear on my skin. its mostly on my thighs, the unerside of my knees, the back of my arms, my stomach and my lower back. on my wrist, my ankles. it drives me insane. it'll calm down for only a little bit. within a couple hours im itching like crazy again. i went to the doctors but she really didnt take a close look at it. she said it might be an allergic reaction. i know its not considering i've never been allergic to anything and i havent done anything differently, havent touched anything new, and everyone i hangout with is complaining about the same thing. small skin colored bumps all over that itch like HELL. it doesnt look like scabies. it cant be bugs. or it could be. i dont know what it is but i need to know what it is.
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