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What are these Pimples on Fingers??!!

Posted by ola

There are pimples on my fingers. Only started a few days ago... I thought they would go away but they are just getting worst...

 They are really small, you can't exactly see them but you can feel the masses of bumps on my fingers!

They are itchy if I irritate them... I popped one this morning and there was water in them... 

 Im a 17 year old girl and recently started masturbating, could that possibly be it? I can't possibly give myself STI's, can I?

 Please help! Thanks!

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just pic em hun! i had a really bad one just moments ago, it will sting, but its worth it..idk how i got mine, i know u can get them on ur tounge but thatsall i know bout them, it sings after a while but b sure to get all of it and wash it with soap after ur done...hope this helps! wait ur a girl and ur masturbating, thats for GUYS girls dont masturbate, and no u cant give ur self stds u only get urself stds by having sex with other ppl unprotected..girls dont masturbate unless ur a shemale...and dont worry they may be a result of ur period! is what ur thinking about(masturbating = guys hormones. periods - girl puberty) its a result of ur uteruss shedding its layer and preparing for another baby (If u have unprotected sex u will get pregnetn) its notihgn to b ashamed of... but if u want more answers ask a doctor/nurse or even ur health teacher (If its a girl) ask ur female doctor if ur health teacher isnt a girl. ( I udnt trust talking to guys bout periods n girly stuff uknow too many wierdoes out there)...becuase i just got one and im going through my period i hope this helped, gah it still stings, fucking pimples i will keel them all!! T.T lotion also seems to help make pimples easier to pick...also have u been using dirty restrooms lately u might want to consult a doctor if u have. i hope this helps.

 btw the water is what the zit is before its ready to pop,its a clear liquid that is probably not a result of an std, but to b safe u should consult a doctor. When a zit is all the wya out it squishes out a lccear white liquidy water or blood... u should actually get a white gewey round soft thingyt that cojmes out insted, this is called the head i believe, and to make sure ur zit is out all the way it leaves a little "tail" at the end of it, but be cautioned sometimes theres more then one zit in a keep squeezing until u get a white liquid or no more zit comes out..but dont pick so much u make urself bleed and ur skin can get scared, also try using lotion once again, that helps the zits become ready to pick and easier to pick faster...ear zits are hurtful too.  if u have any more questions about being a woman i will try my best to help you hun, email me at ps. plz do not steal my email, im only alittle nerd who knwos too much for a 19 year old...I love to help out as much as i can!!! i took a health class twice because i was curious as well, so do not b afraid to ask your fellow girls about these things! we all go gthrough it just b sure not to mention it around the men, they get embarrased/horney... and might take advantage ofyou...u know how 15 yr old boys are...16yr olds are the worst...sry for al lthe typos hope this helps sweety!

Dont be afraid of growing up, its actually a joy of becoming fullfilled as a woman, Stay and school and learn because knowledge is your friend.! Class of 2009. I hope this wasnt too much reading for you. Again feel free to email me i swear im a girl. Honest to god! or your god idk which you believe in im non-christain, but u know just for safety.(iM NOT TRYING TO INSULT RELIGION!!!) i just dont c the point in popes raping little alter boys...i mean if thats god then is this the fate of christianity?isnt religion supposed to teach love, peace, respect and trust?

Pimples = worst enemy they hurt and u pick pick pick dey wont leave! its like picking at life itself, no matter how much you pick life alwayws finds a way!!

ur fucked up girls can masterbate
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