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Waking up to have itchy legs, woke up this morning to have welts on the back of thighs and calves. What is it?

Posted by ConcernedRose

Recently my family has redone my room, I am 18 years old, attending community college so we redid my room. We ripped up the carpet and put down pergo (laminate) and then we painted my room, and got a new mattress and a new bedspread, pillows, everything. Everything in my room is new. We are still not done my room though, most everything is done like my bed my desk, but i dont have my closet finished and the base boards are not painted so it's still a work in progress. Anyhow, I sleep in my new bed new pillows new blankets everyday. We only washed my sheets and pillow case, my mom said it's fine we don't need to wash the comforter or blanket because it doesn't come in contact with the skin a lot. I wake up during the night to have my blankets all discombobulated and try to fix myself, I usually wake up early because of a dream, or because I don't have a door in my room because like i said, my room isn't finished. Last night/today was no exception, i woke up itchy, only my legs, and i had welts about 3 or 4 on the back of my thighs and a few smaller ones on my calves. They are red, and raised, just like a mosquito bite. Since i have been sleeping in my new bed I do wake up itchy and it is only my legs. But today I had welts, I am really freaking out because i've had a bad streak for the past 4 weeks. I haven't had a room for the past 4 weeks, I live in the hallway and slept on the couch for weeks, and now I have a new mattress and it's doing this. Please help, what is it? I'm concerned it is bed bugs, but why would only my thighs be bitten? and i was wearing sleep pants last night. I need some insight, please.
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