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Vitiligo Remedy

Posted Apr 01 2009 12:11am

I have a lot of work on herbs and herba remedies for vitiligo.  Here to share my Knowledge about vitiligo remedy here are information about herbs which are freqently used and  the part of every  third vitiligo remedy.


Anti Vitiligo Remedy

Anti Vitiligo Oil  a famouse herbal vitiligo remedy made by four curative herbs

1) Basil Leaves and Lime Juice

Beside of their use in this vitiligo remedy both ingredients are famous things for skin care. Basil leaves and Lime juice are useful herbs to regulate the production of melanin. Use this remedy for 6 month thrice or 4 time a day.  After one month you will find sign of re coloration in colorless spots. This is very easy to made and use remedy. Mix some drops of Basil leaves extracts with Lime juice together and apply on your affected skin.

Basil Leaves

Basil leaves are common kitchen ingredients and have anti-viral, anti-aging qualities. Basil Leave is also useful in coping stress and emotional distresses.


2) Mustard oil with Turmeric

To prepare this remedy mix 5 tea spoons of turmeric in 250 ml of mustard oil, you will get paste like thing. Apply this paste on affected part of your skin.  Continuous use of this remedy over vitiligo up to one year brings good results.

A common kitchen ingredient and widely used in foods and different remedies for skin care. It is also a better anti-inflammatory substance. It is also used on wound to prevent from bacterial infection. Turmeric is a fine immune regulator substance.

Mustard oil
Mustard oil is useful immune system regulator. Due to its excellent benefits for hair it is widely used for hair.  It is also anti-bacterial oil and used in detoxify human body.

3)   Tamarind Seeds  and Psoralea Seeds

This remedy amazingly improved your pigmentation. Saturate Psoralea Seeds and Tamarind Seeds in water for 4 days. Remove and dry the soaked mixture. Now you can apply it at vitiligo affected parts.  When it dry it should be grounded into the paste which is easy to apply on affected parts. There will a dramatic improvement in the disease state and the white patches will decrease and gradually disappear

No other herbs are used in so much remedies as Psoralens for the treatment of vitiligo. Not in only in home remedy but also use in some latest medical treatment procedures like PUVA.

It  is an effective immune booster and work well against infectious invaders.

4) Psoralea and Ginger Juice

It is for oral used and different from other in this regard. To prepare,  soak  seeds of Psoralea in Ginger Juice for 3 days. The saturated Psoralea seeds are then dried in shade and powdered. Take one gram of this powder daily with 1 cup of fresh milk for 2 months. Psoralens are most used substance for the treatment of vitiligo.

ginger is an anti-inflammatory substance. Used to prevent blood clotting.  It stimulates circulation and used to support digestive system.



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