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Underarm rash

Posted by Tsunamiis

Im a bit of a heavy fellow, and i know that the dark underarms are from being overweight. but a few weeks ago i got a rash right at the outside of my armpit its itchy and sometimes leaks a liquid, smells horrendious, like bad BO. I try to keep it clean and dry, but it keep reoccuring. Im not allergic to anything i know of never really been tested and the only thing ive changed in the last few months was a new body wash, but wouldnt that be all over if that was the cause? Im without medical insurance so im asking here for a reason, is this something i need to get checked out (you know for 200 dollars an hour for a derma) or is it something im doing wrong, to clean and rid this problem
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I think it is a matter of proper hygiene and appropriate deodorant. 1. Shave off the hair under your arm. Wash underarm as often as you can during the day, certainly in the evening and the morning. Use "Tom's of Maine" natural, original aluminum free deodorant, and/or baby powder. (What is good for the babies, cannot be bad for adults!) I hope this helps.


I had the same problem and it turned out to be yeast. We all have yeast, it's just usually under control. But when we eat a lot of sweets or carbs, it feeds the yeast and then there can be a 'bloom' under the arms, in the privates, in the belly button or any moist area, including the mouth. The best way to get over it is by taking probiotics daily, even twice a day and staying away from sweets for a few weeks. That is how I got rid of mine. Hope this helps...
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