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Underarm rash not bacterial or fungal, how to treat?

Posted by Smeelbo

I have a red rash in my left armpit.  When this has happened before, I have simply kept it clean and avoided deodorant and anti-perspirant for a few days, and all is well.  This happened a few times a year.  I almost always use deodorant based on mineral salt: very natural.

However, this time I left it alone except keeping it clean, and it did not go away after almost two weeks.  Thinking it might be bacterial, I applied Neosporin after cleaning, but this made little difference after a few days.  So next, thinking it might be fungal, I applied 2% Miconazole Nitrate creem after cleaning, and again, this made little difference.

What next?  Working at home to care for my mother, I usually shower every other day, I do not sweat heavily, am only a little overweight, use glycerin soap, and mineral salt based deodorant.  My right armpit has no similar problem.  This is the first time that cleaning and avoiding deodorants for a few days has not solved the problem.

In the mean time, I will try washing twice a day and see what happens.

Thank you in advance.

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