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UK Star Almost “Smokes Herself” By Not Quitting Cigarettes

Posted May 26 2009 12:00am

TV star Hilary Devey: How a little fib about my lifestyle nearly killed me

“The only thing I fell down on, and was specifically told to do, was to give up cigarettes. Mr Fenton said I needed to stop smoking two to three weeks before the operation, and warned me there were greater risks if I didn’t because it deprives the tissue of the oxygen it needs to heal properly, and potentially affects the heart.”

This lady went “to the best” and couldn’t be bothered to quit smoking. Tummy tuck surgery is about the largest scale operation a plastic surgeon can offer you. It can offer great improvement, but should not be taken lightly.

The operation didn’t cause her stroke or her wound healing problems: the cigarette smoking did. In fact, smokers and those who have smoked have higher risks of wound healing problems (sometimes with skin loss,) vein clots, strokes and even death…even when they quit beforehand. Quitting beforehand makes these risks decrease somewhat, so it a really good idea. This is absolutely something to consider when you look into that tummy tuck. You have an end to hold up in the bargain and it is not just the money. Your overall health determines the outcome of the operation just as does your surgeon’s skill.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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