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Treating Body Acne With The Right Exfoliant

Posted May 23 2009 10:11pm

polishing scrub I was in Biome in Brisbane the other day buying a friend a birthday present, and accidentally on purpose bought an exfoliant for myself. I couldn’t help it, this exfoliant looked amazing.

But unfortunately the ingredients read better than the actual experience of the product. I may as well have been exfoliating my skin with a handful of oatmeal, because that’s what it smelt and felt like. But at least it got me thinking. It made me realize how body exfoliants are probably the easiest skin care products to make at home yourself.

Check out my video review of the exfoliant, plus I give away a little more info on what makes a good body exfoliant-

I haven’t completely written off this product. I think it’s actually quite good as a facial exfoliant. I checked their website and this product actually IS a facial exfoliant, so I have no idea how I got that wrong. I guess body exfoliants usually come in these large jars so I got a little confused. I still however feel that it is a little too oatmeal heavy so there are other better facial exfoliants out there.

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