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Travel Tourism For Breast Implants - The Price You Pay

Posted Jul 03 2008 4:12pm
As many of you know I host a forum at MakeMeHeal upon which I address questions. Sometimes people need more than can be offered via the internet alone. Here is such a case:

The Question:

Hi There,

I had my BA in Oct 2007, My left breast swelled up 2 days after surgery so I had to go back and have my implant taken out and put back in, I was not told why this was. The surgeon then checked it 3 days later and everything was fine.[Ed - This was probably a hematoma.]BUT I am now noticing that my left breast at the top seems firmer then the right - abit like a ridge??

It is not painful and I am not unwell from it. BUT I am concerned maybe its CC? or does it look a strange shape because my Nipples are so saggy? I am looking into a Nipple lift but am worried sick about my breasts. I had my surgery in Belgium and its proving Impossible to talk to them. My GP is now closed until Monday and A&E are unable to help me...

My Answer:


You went out of your country to have your breasts operated. Now you ask a surgeon in a third country to help you sort out what's going on. You need someone to examine you in order to properly address your concern.

Without seeming cruel, your case exemplifies the leading problems with surgical tourism. You had an operation by a surgeon you couldn't have possibly been able to validate who is now AWOL now that you need assistance. This is the price you pay to get it cheaper in that other country. I do hope you are able to get things properly evaluated but using the internet alone is really inadequate for you at this stage.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD
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