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Top 10 Bad Hollywood Boob Jobs – Really?

Posted Mar 19 2011 11:00am

10. Audrina Patridge
9. Jewel
8. Jenna Jameson
7. Paula Abdul
6. Vivica Fox
5. Donatella Versace
4. Pamela Anderson
3. Victoria Beckham
2. Tori Spelling
1. Tara Reid

CelebSlam posted these picks for the top ten bad Hollywood boob jobs but compared to what I have seen, many of them are not that bad. I did make a few comedy bits out of my list of the “Top Ten Celebrity Boob Jobs on the Net” and some of these women were featured. These celebrity breast implant examples do illustrate common problems that can occur with breast implants and are at times avoidable:

Audrina Patridge just went a bit large, but that is the trend these days as implant size requests seem to be on the rise. Women who want to look more natural (and limit the need for further surgery over time) are advised to stay with the smaller implant sizes.

Jewel looks kinda deflated, but then again I believe she may have had her implants removed. Removal without replacement of breast implants can create that appearance.

Jenna Jameson was featured before her implant downsizing. Seeing as she was so thin with such large implants, the distortion was to be expected.

Paula Abdul is listed, but we have discussed her chest wall deformity Pectus Excavatum before. Breast implants do not fix this, but can camouflage it somewhat.

Vivica Fox just went a bit on the large side for her available tissue coverage. This is the most common correctable problem in the land of breast implants.

Donatella Versace is very very thin. It can be hard to get good breast implant results in such patients. All things considered, she doesn’t look bad implants-wise.

Pamela Anderson has had many breast implant operations and is our favorite example of “all implant” breasts again with large implants and little tissue covering them. This commonly leads to distortion.

Victoria Beckham has had her implants removed or reduced. She had signs of capsular contracture for quite a few years beforehand.

Tori Spelling has two problems. She has a degree of the chest wall issue that Paula Abdul has and went for lager implants making it look more obvious (especially after child bearing with implant descent.)

Tara Reid went large on her implants and smokes. Smoking and plastic surgery together can lead to some pretty large scale problems. She only realized a few of these problems and has had secondary surgery to improve her situation which seemed successful.

Take into account that many women come to consultation asking to look like some of the women on this list, so a great deal of this is a matter of individual perspective. A central focus is cosmetic breast surgery is and always has been what the patient sees as wrong with her breasts and what she would like to do about it. Most women want volume, often more volume than the average woman without implants wants or would find attractive. The distortion seen with increased volume beyond a point may make other people cringe, but some patients actually want that. Re-operation particularly multiple times with increasing implant size can lead to a very fake appearance.

Staying moderate on the volume leads to better long term results meaning less surgery. Capsular Contracture (especially with silicone gel implants) can lead to hardening of the breasts and the desire to re-operate fix things however.

The list at CelebSlam is not Hollywood’s worst, but may include Hollywood’s most noted Boob Jobs.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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