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tiny itchy bumps - recurring rash on arms

Posted by vyvegan

For about 2 years my boyfriend has been getting a recurring rash, always on his arms.  The rash is tiny itchy bumps that ooze a clear liquid and get worse and spread if scratched.  He saw a doctor who couldn't diagnose it, but he was given a steroid cream for topical use.  This ointment does make the rash go away, but it inevitably comes back a few weeks later, not necessarily in the same place on his arms.  It has been suggested that it is some sort of a chemical reaction (he works on cars for a living), but he has been in this line of work for much longer than this irritation has been occurring and has not been exposed to any new chemicals.  The bumps seem to form on particularly dry skin, and lotions seem to aggravate the problem.
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This rash is telling him there is an internal imbalance. Using creams supresses the body's signal of inflammation (shown as a rash) and pushed internally to primary organs- in children this shows up as asthma after eczema. Not a direction you want inflammation to take. I would get his sensitivity tested for different foods, serum tests are more accurate than scratch testing. Until then...

You should try a classically trained homeopath or classicly trained homeopathic/naturopath in your area. I've had great success on removal of rashes and eczema from my patients. Nutritionally I would remove: all diary (except plain probiotic greek style yogurt), wheat products (gluten free only), all fungus foods (mushrooms, strawberries and peanuts) and increase alkaline foods to 75% of his diet. Remove alcohol, coffee, and sugar for at least 4 weeks. Detox the liver: increase dark greens- raw or lightly steamed only and half your plate at every meal, lemon/wheat grass and chlorophyll in water all day helps give the liver a gentle detox all day long. Increase fish oils with an EPA of 600mg and take them 2tsp 3x/day, that should help with inflammation and help with skin dryness. If allergic to fish use flax seed oil 1tbsp 3x/day. Increase water as much as he can up to 2-3L pending his activity level. He needs to flush his system daily to remove toxins and increase bowel movements (unless he has blood pressure issues them you have to remove all caffeine and alcohol these excite HBP). Hope this helps.
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