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Tickle Lipo – Breakthrough or Gimmick?

Posted Feb 07 2011 10:30am

Liposuction is plastic surgery’s “gimmick procedure” having had more angles applied to it than a child’s toy. There is however money to be made in fat reduction so the gimmicks will just keep coming.

Enter Tickle Lipo, a new technology superimposed on the liposuction game. In this newer version of the basic liposuction technique, the cannula, the instrument used to remove the fat, vibrates like a whip inside your fatty layers. This supposedly helps remove the fat more evenly and with less pain.

Tickle Lipo looks like a hybrid between two other forms of lipo already on the market – power-assisted lipo (Pals) in which a motorized cannula breaks up the fat and ultrasonic lipo in which sound waves do it. Will Tickle be better or worse than its fat sucking competitors? That will likely depend upon the technology and the skill of those who handle it.

A funky high tech instrument will not make a non-surgeon into a master plastic surgeon just like a hot race car will not make me into Jeff Gordon. Check the credentials of anyone who wants to use this thing on you and go from there. At this point I would consider Tickle an experiment.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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